Saturday, 23 February 2013


I'm sat in my house at the moment wearing my PJs, proper ones with long sleeves and snuggly socks. I'm under my duvet with a bunch of blankets and dressing gowns and stuff piled on top of me and I'm still freezing. The main problem is now that I really want a cup of tea but I also really don't want to crawl out from where its (slightly) warm. Basically, this is why its a bad bad BAD idea to go away for three days, in February, and leave the heating off. Not low or turned down - OFF. No-one should ever do this, because it has been about two degrees out and now our house when we got back feels like an ice cave. I swear to you its colder in here than outside, as if the house has been storing up all the frosty, coldy, iciness going on outside to make it extra welcoming for us to come home to.

The fact its about minus-something degrees in my room tonight is reminding me of all the snow we had a few weeks ago. I took a whole load of pictures, watched 500 Days of Summer wistfully in my (warm) bed and drank a lot of hot chocolate. I also went on a snowy walk with my best friend and then we ate a huge amount of toast and nutella in her kitchen to thaw out again. The perfect snow day/weekend. As Lorelai Gilmore once said: "I smell snow... flakes, flurries, swirls, crystals, whatever form it comes in, I'll take it. Best time of the year."
I defy anyone to stand in a fresh fall of snow and not feel transported back to childhood. It's magical.

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