Thursday, 17 January 2013

So 2013 started...

Wow, I haven't done this in a while. I actually forgot where the *write new post* button was when I logged on to blogger but I found it and now I have to think of something to say.... just kidding. I always have lots to say but no time to put it on the blog. Which makes me really sad when I think about it because before you know it, the thing that felt really important and that you wanted to comment on or share with people has gone, and is a part of last week or last month, or, now, last year. Time feels like its going extremely fast lately or is it just me? I mean 2013! When did that happen?! It still feels new and exciting but maybe that's just because I am always childish about New Years. I know its a crazy cliche but it really means a fresh start, a clean slate. You can start over - stop doing whatever you always meant to give up, start running, eating healthier, quit smoking... "New Year, New You" and all that jazz.
Or, if you're like me and have very unrealistic expectations, you could do what I did this year and write 12 resolutions and put them in a jar. One for each month. I was going to do 13 for 2013, but then I changed my mind about one of them and anyway - I need something for next year right?!
Yeah I have an actual jar of resolutions.
 This makes me happy.
Anyway, I am literally not even kidding about this: I have genuinely forgotten what most of them are. I know. That's quite bad, given that we're only 17 days into January. But starting tomorrow (my last exam... ugh physics) I will start on one of them. I will pick a random one out and attempt to do that for the last... um, please don't make me work out how many days are left this month. I've done about five hours of physics revision today. My brain hurts and I officially hate numbers. On my planet, New Year's Resolutions aren't actually things I expect myself to achieve. At least not in the sense of being able to look back on December 31st 2013 and mentally tick them all off the list. They're ideas and things I want to try doing, hopefully things that over the year will lead me to having some amazing experiences. I don't want to jinx anything but there is a chance that by about October, I might have saved up enough to be getting on a plane to somewhere I've wanted to go for as long as I can remember.... (No prizes if you can work out where that is but leave me a comment below if you think you've figured it out!)

In other news THIS is definitely the best thing I have seen probably ever on the internet. I cried actual tears you guys.

Are you having a good start to January? And what are your resolutions this year? And the most important question is: WHO HAS HAD SNOW??? I love the snow and according to the power of the TV weather guys and girls, my town might be getting quite a lot of it tomorrow which is the best thing since Taylor Swift breaking up with Harry Styles.

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