Monday, 3 December 2012

Tired :(

I think I have some form of writer's block.... I'm sat here staring at a blank white screen and no words are coming to mind.
This is not good for many reasons but mainly because I miss blogging. I'm challenging myself this week to write one post a day. Even if it's only a sentence long it's still better than nothing.
This was todays installment and reading it back its definitely one of the more boring things I've ever written. In a better mood, I'd delete the whole thing and force myself to write something longer, funnier or just less yawn-inducing but right now it's pretty much all I can manage.
Moods like this were what Taylor Swift songs and tea were made for.
This amazing box of caramel teabags is currently on order while this album is on permenant repeat on my ipod.

Does anyone else find themselves wishing it would snow so we don't have to get out of bed on a Tuesday morning? For me, Tuesday is probably my busiest and most tiring day so I'm even less happy on a Monday night than a Sunday.
Ergh, this week feels like it's going to go on FOREVER! I promise to do a better one tomorrow.
Jessica xoxo

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