Tuesday, 16 October 2012

The Gorgeous Great British Bake-off!

Let's be honest, who among us hasn't been loving the dramatic, delicious and totally guilt-free pleasure of curling up on a Tuesday night to enjoy the most British TV show of them all, second only to Downton Abbey, but that's another post entirely...
I am of course, referring to the fact that this evening (sob) is the Grand Final of Series 3 of The Great British Bake Off. That's right, there will be no more Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood, no more John, James, Brendan, and after last weeks semi-final, no more of lovely unflappable Danny. No more cake catastrophes, flavour failures and meringue mishaps. What will we talk about on a Wednesday morning?

I think that's the main thing people have loved about this show. After the beautifully British events of the summer, it's filled the gap left by the Jubilee and the Olympics and given everyone something to remind us of our national talent: Keeping Calm and Carrying On. I've had in-depth discussions with friends about our favourite bakers, chats with customers at work about the merits of the Chelsea Bun over the humble Belgian and rambled on twitter about everything from brownies to bunting. After all, the show is blog paradise: cupcakes, cuteness and all set in the charming, if rainy British countryside. 
Last week was the semi-final or "Patisserie Week" and the bakers created an assortment of Petits Fours, Frasiere Cakes and Choux Gateaus. Some of their creations would have fitted in perfectly in a Parisian boulangerie and some required a certain stretch of the imagination, as did Mel and Sue's attempts at French accents. However, I haven't got over my favourite to win, Cathryn, being knocked out the week before week, although I found out she and the adorable Sarah-Jane have a blog together, yay! Still, no-one else on the Bake-Off can alliterate like Cathryn: "Doughnut doom," anyone? Anyway, these are some of this weeks results and personally I think they all look incredible. As usual, according to the judges there were some issues with awkward flavours, wobbly textures and "soggy bottoms," and John committed the cardinal sin of going over chocolately while Brendan's swans and James' chili, lime and raspberry macaroons went down a storm. My favourite were Danny's blackberry and peppermint ones, based purely on the irresistable appeal of anything that looks like an edible crayon.

Here are some of what the contestants produced this week - gorgeous right?
I've also discovered a surprising desire to learn how to make one of these. Wow right??

I can't wait for tonights episode! Who do you want to win? I hope its James and his lovely jumper collection or John, or anyone except Brendan :D

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  1. i've never heard of this before but it looks interesting! i love baking shows!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth


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