Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Life lately...

I want to bake these and just go
around feeding them to people
who look sad.
Recently one thing that hasn't been a big part of my life is, sadly, blogging.With everything going on its been slipping my mind and being put off while I focus on school and improving my coffee making - both for work and for the general purpose of keeping my tired little eyes open. Anyway, now that its half-term it's clearly time to catch up on a few posts, and as I've been seeing this one on several blogs recently I thought I'd have a go at my own one.

Currently I am...

Reading (or still trying to read) Anna Karenina. I have been battling to finish this book since August and I think this week I might finally crack it. I have cheated on Anna however with these, much shorter, reads when I needed a break from a) thinking about English Lit and character development or b) feeling guilty that I saw the movie before I finished the book. Is there anything better in this weather than curling up with a book and some coffee?

Feeling infinite...

Listening to...

Also, how good is this?!?! Skip to 1:24 to see something amazing.. Am I the only one already planning their wedding? Please invite me, Taylor?

Enjoying... autumn, salted caramel lattes, time with family, the Halloween decorations adorning work which improve my mood at 7am every shift and the anticipation of so many movies I'm waiting to see. Thinking about the storm on the East Coast and worrying about my aunty in NYC. Sending lots of love to anyone reading this who's been affected by it. Stay safe x

Finally.. falling in love with Twitter all over again, missing being in the sun in Spain and at the same time counting down to Christmas.      
Have a beautiful week,
Jessica xoxo


  1. you should totally do a post about coffee recipes! :D and the perks of being a wallflower= <3 can't wait to go see the movie... if only it was coming out in my town.

  2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower! OMG I need to see that movie so badly. Also, I remember seeing that episode of Taylor and Zac on Ellen! They're so cute together <3 and I loved the shirts she gave them both XD

  3. Love both of those books. I have that TFIOS quote on a ltd edition print on my wall! And perks has been my favourite book for years!

    1. Also recommend checking out Dash and Lola, such a gorgeous book



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