Sunday, 14 October 2012

and in other news...

So I was taking a shower today and after I dried my hair I had a really long look at it and decided that today was the perfect day to do something totally impulsive. Normally I buy a specific colour of hair dye that I already decided on beforehand and it sits in my room for a few weeks while I "decide" when I want to be brave enough to do it. Not today. I got dressed, walked to the supermarket and picked up the first box I saw that was on sale. Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL Tempting Chocolate: £4, three hours (I'm messy, okay) and one episode of Downton Abbey later and this was the result:

My face is still surprised by my
hair at this point
Combined with my fringe, its slightly more Jessie J than I was hoping for. Its darker than I wanted but overall - even if one friend described it as "uber-oriental" and I didn't have a clue what she meant until she texted back saying "like a sexy Chinese girl," hey I'll take any (weird) compliments anyone wants to throw me - I LIKE IT!



  1. I LOVE IT! I think its a great look! Sometimes I get this I NEED A CHANGE feeling and rush to get a spontaneous hair cut. I love changing things up.

  2. It looks great!! I love the colour (and I love the jumper you're wearing too)!


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