Thursday, 10 May 2012

Why Movies Are Amazing!

Movies are incredible! Sometimes you want to watch something that will make you feel intelligent and force you to pay attention to the complicated and gritty plot but occasionally you need a junk-brain-food session and to zone out in front of Legally Blonde.
I think we love movies because they allow escapism, whether it's from a bad day or a more serious problem. They allow us to disappear into someone else's life for a few hours and experience (hopefully) good music, a fantasy storyline and either a big bucket of popcorn or a snuggle under a duvet.
It's like little orphan Annie singing: "Let's Go To The Movies!" Whether you prefer musicals, chick flicks, dance movies, rom-coms, weepies or glossy Hollywood blockbusters these are all the type of viewing experience that distract you from a crappy day at school or work, or a fight with a friend or family member. And hopefully the cliches always present in these genres will seep into your brain and convince you not to give up on your dreams, understand how important friendship is, insert meaningful statement here. Basically it's a win-win situation.
Another type of film that I could not live without is the book adaptation. Honestly, these are the saviours of students everywhere, make great family entertainment and bring classic books to a new audience.
This means that I am very excited to see The Great Gatsby. I loved reading the book and I know it's a classic that I needed to enjoy before analysing it to death in my English Literature A-Level next year but really, isn't it just going to be better on screen? Shinier, sparklier, weepier and sadder. Daisy will be gorgeous, Jay Gatsby will be even more so and the whole thing will just be magical. Seeing the characters that so many people since the book was written have related to, cried over and fallen in love with, brought to glittering life on a cinema screen. It just doesn't get better than that.  And that's why I love movies.
Leave a comment below if you have any more reasons why movies are amazing, or any other thoughts - I'd love to hear them!

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  1. My boyfriend and I are movie junkies! We watch the Oscars every year and make our own little ballots. I didn't know The Great Gatsby was becoming a new movie! Can't wait for that one.

    1. Thats sounds so fun! I've never watched the Oscars :( I think they always seem to be on really late at night where I live.
      Thanks for commenting! x

  2. I went through a phase where I was a film snob- unless it was a "smart" movie, I felt I couldn't be bothered to watch it.
    That's not the case anymore- and I am glad I got some sense into me haha.
    Rom Coms have become my "guilty pleasures" and a couple action movies every now and then ;)
    Escapism is a the perfect word to use!

    1. Rom-coms are always great but I know what you mean. I feel guilty about not doing a less brain-cell frying activity!
      Thanks for your comment! x

  3. I'm currently addicted to vintage movies (30s & 40s) and I love them! (...ok, so that's not super related to your post, I just had to share xD)
    Seriously though, I love book adaptations too... it just proves my point that the characters are gorgeous ;) (The BBC version of Great Expectations? OMG.)



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