Sunday, 5 January 2014


1) Is there anyone in Britain right now who doesn't watch Sherlock? If so where are these people and can we have some kind of intervention before its too late?

2) Can I get one of those coats?  I know its actually pretty much the same size as me but its so beautiful - look at it.

3) There is nothing that makes me cry as much as this TV programme does - do I have a problem? Also THOSE CHEEKBONES.

4) What's with the naming everyone M thing? Moriarty, Mycroft, Mary, Molly... actually that might be it.

5) Why is next Sunday the last episode, why why why?

6) Is someone else going to die, and why are you doing this to me and when are you going to tell us how he faked his death and are we going to have to wait another two years for series 4 (please no) and has this blog post made any sense to anyone?

Do you watch Sherlock?


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  1. I JUST started watching Sherlock and am HOOKED. I can't believe I was living Sherlock-less for so long!


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