Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Bad Days & Blog Posts

It rained on me on my (admittedly very short) walk into sixth form today. I woke up late, my hair went all fluffy and my double history lesson was far too long. I spent hours on an essay only to discover I had written it on the wrong topic, I drank too much coffee and spent my break feeling moody and stroppy; some of my symptoms of "having one of those days."

We all have a bad day occasionally. Sometimes it just isn't your week, or it feels like nothing is going right. And even if the spell of horrible weather, wardrobe malfunctions, forgetfulness or just general bad luck only lasts for a little while it can still be miserable. The littlest things can surprisingly be the ones that brighten up a bad day the most.

Someone told me they liked my blog and said they thought I had a real future at writing. My friends are too good at making me laugh and cheering me up. I had a veggie burger for dinner and stopped feeling like I might faint due to lack of protein (#veggieproblems). I watched the Great British Bake Off Final and suddenly feel the need to go and make cakes or cookies or something... and this is coming from someone who has repeatedly proved her inability to make anything edible ever. I listened to some of my favourite bands, spend some time with my little sister and studiously avoided anything remotely resembling coursework.

You can choose to have a bad day, to go to bed feeling grumpy and upset, to listen to the songs that make you feel sad and nostalgic. Or you can choose to smile, to laugh, to remember than you can do it all over again tomorrow and to forget about the fact that you got out of bed on the wrong side.
You can choose to be happy.

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