Sunday, 30 June 2013

I don't really get technology...

Apparently Google have decided to close down a thing (I don't even know - is it a service? a website?) called Google Reader. I found about this because I got an email from Bloglovin - since when do I have an account there?! But obviously I do- telling me this is very bad news. After realising I had better do something, rather than just pretend this isn't happening I just googled it. Oh the irony.

I don't really understand how this all works to be honest (I know, I'm inspiring so much confidence here...) but to be on the safe side I transferred all the blogs I follow into Bloglovin. I generally just look at all my blog subscriptions in the blogger dashboard but I didn't know if that would be affected or not. I also think they really might need to consider a renaming, just a suggestion. I mean Bloglovin? Yuck. I don't want to type that out every day each time I want to look at a blog.

So anyway, if you would like to, please feel free to follow me on Bloglovin, or "Not-Google Reader" as I am calling it for now. I've put the button on my blog so it literally could not be easier. The website, despite the horrible name, is actually very intuitive to use and I think will probably make keeping up with reading blogs a lot easier. I also like how you can categorise them... so I will probably get around to doing that at some point in late 2014. Or 15...

Hopefully this will all work out fine (haha - can you tell I'm totally calm?) and the internet will not break tomorrow with all of the bloggers shouting NOOOOO into their computer screens as everything just crashes and burns. There is always twitter though. Thank god for twitter, Many bloggers (me included) always tweet links to new posts so you can keep up with them on there.


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