Friday, 5 October 2012

I'm back...

It's been a really busy couple of months for me and, although I haven't looked, I think my last post was in July. So that's not great, seeing as we're now into October which firstly means that I'm in the running for most sporadic blogger of the year and also that it's now officially autumn: my favourite season.

But anyway, logging on a couple of days ago, I realised that my little piece of the internet now has 25 followers! I know this is comparitively quite a small number but it means such a lot to me and thank you to everyone who's been following Girl On Film and leaving such sweet and constructive comments and emails - I love you all!

There have been a lot of changes for me recently. I've started at sixth form, back at my old school, which is great as its just down the road and so far its been a fantastic experience. My A-levels are English Literature, History, Physics and Government and Politics so the amount of work I've been having to do has suddenly become huge! I've also started my first job - at a local bakery company - which I love, but takes up most of my Saturdays and means I'm now back to rushing round like a crazy person trying to get everything done! I do prefer being busy though, and after an amazing summer holiday, I'm throwing myself into life in sixth form and getting involved with as much as I can.

The main thing I do want to make time for is writing so I've come up with some changes to my blog to make things easier for myself and hopefully more interesting for readers. I'm going to do a lot fewer film reviews and make it more of a general writing blog, just so I have more freedom to write about what I'm interested in, rather than feeling I just have to write about films. If you have a look at the blog design, you can see that I've also changed that quite a bit - let me know what you think.

So hopefully I'll be blogging a lot more in the next few weeks, wishing everyone a lovely start to the best season of the year!


Thank you for your comments - they make me smile and I promise to try and answer them all :)