Thursday, 5 July 2012

He Ain't Blue, He's My Brother.

For most people, the most memorable line from The Blues Brothers is also the creepiest: "I want to buy your women. How much for the little girls?" This scene made me laugh probably more than a film has ever done before. There may have been actual tears of laughter. However there's much more to the film than potential child-trafficking and if you haven't seen it then I definitely recommend it! It's one of those movies that you will watch and go: How have I never seen this before?!?! I did anyway, but that's always my reaction.

"Sell me your children."
The Blues Brother's was one of my dad's favourite films so I wasn't surprised when I watched it and loved it! The story of Jake and Elwood Blues originates from a SNL sketch and the movie has been both a cult favourite and slated by critics. Personally, although it may be far from perfect, I thought it was great, really funny and enjoyable. It's essentially a comedy of two brothers on a "mission from God" who put their old band back together and go on a disastrous road trip with some very good music and a lot of chaos in order to rescue their old home from the bulldozers. John Belushi (Jake, the small one) and Dan Akroyd (Elwood, the tall one) star as the title characters and the film features an excellent supporting cast.

The music is what makes it different (and better) than lots of other comedies as there isn't anything completely new about what it does: it just does it really well. The film has performances from, among others, James Brown, Aretha Franklin and Ray Charles, so it would be hard for the musical aspect of the film to be anything other than amazing! Also no-one looks as cool as Aretha dressed as a waitress.

The thing I liked best was the fact that, although its not meant to be taken too seriously, the film paints this really vivid picture of Chicago and America in the 1970's. It also, for someone like me whose musical knowledge is pretty lacking, gives a kind of overview of music from the decade its set in which  is both interesting and useful. The characters are most funny when they're being serious - for example in the scene where Jake and Elwood go to visit the "penguin" and she tries to discipline them. Personally I think the bits that have obviously been put in purely to be funny rather than drive the plot forwards are less successful, such as the Nazi's and the crazy ex-girlfriend. Although these characters were important in creating the impact of the ending I thought overall they made the plot a bit too messy. And if any of you have been having a bad day, here's a nun with a baseball bat.
I still can't stop laughing :D

However I really like the way its filmed and the camera is used effectively and also heightens the comedy and dramatic tension, by being used to create various silhouettes of ominous characters or threats to the protagonists. This is also used to give drama to the scenes in the film where the band performs and gives the impression of a lightshow to go with the music.

Overall, I really love this film. I think the 15 rating might be a bit over zealous and it could probably be a PG13 or a 12, in my opinion. I'm giving it 4 out of 5 stars, as in some places it drags on a little bit too long, giving it it's 2 hour, 22 minute running time. I'll leave you with this song as its kind of related to the film and I've been listening to it lots recently and I think it's really funny. Leave a comment and tell me what you think of The Blues Brothers!
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  1. I love love love!! the Blues Brothers! It's such a classic:)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

    1. Glad you liked it as well :) thanks for commenting!


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