Sunday, 29 April 2012

Got To Get Writing!

I haven't posted anything for a day or two, which I know is bad for a blog trying to get started but I'm planning to do a few more reviews next week as I've been crazy busy with dance recently. If anyone has a film that they want a post on or any ideas of things they'd like to see on here please leave a comment!
So far I'm enjoying blogging, no followers yet but I hope anyone stumbling across it on the internet has liked what they've seen!

Some reviews coming up soon include:
Page Eight
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Dead Man Walking
The Rocky Horror Picture Show
When Harry Met Sally
No Country for Old Men

These are all either old favourites or films I'm planning to watch very soon: I just need to get writing. I'm also trying to decide between No Strings Attached or Friends with Benefits as I love a good rom-com and I've heard these two are very similar! Any thoughts on which is better for a girlie movie night?
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  1. I've never seen No Strings Attached, but Friends With Benefits is one of my guilty pleasure movies ;) (wait, is that the one with Mila Kunis? Cause that's the one I'm thinking of...)
    Can't wait to read your Breakfast at Tiffany's review!


  2. thanks for your comments Zia, I think it's Natalie Portman in No Strings Attached and Mila in Friends with Benefits but it could be the other way round!
    Also ty for following, I'm really new to blogging and I'm so happy my posts are getting read!
    Jessica :)

  3. I'll look forward to reading your review of When Harry Met Sally, Jessica.
    That's a film that has always been very important to me, especially recently with the sad passing of Norah Ephron.

    No Country for Old Men is a film that I'm very torn on. I've watched it twice in the last few months and while I really liked some aspects of it, the ending left me a little bemused!

    1. I'm looking forward to watching and reviewing them both. I wrote this post before Nora Ephron's death so that will be a very different experience to what it would have been, I think. Thanks for your comment.


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